How Can Pay4U Help You With Your Personal Expenses

Make Payments With Your Credit Card Where You Couldn’t Before

Fully utilise your credit card limit without interest on expenses that you used to pay by cash.
Save your card on the Pay4U app, so that you can pay your expenses with just a click!

Maintain A Perfect Payment Record

Avoid additional interest and late fees.
You can now set payment reminders to remind you to pay your expenses!

Accelerate Your Credit Card Rewards

Pay with your preferred credit card and gain points, cashback or even miles rewards.

Pay on your next credit card statement due date

Up to 50 days later.

Convenient 3rd Party Payment

You can now make payments for others too be it your loved ones or friends.

Have expenses you can’t pay with a credit card?

Now you can pay rent, loans, tuition fees and a variety of other expenses with your credit card via Pay4U.

Pay4U In 4 Simple Steps

Download & sign up with Pay4U app

Choose What To Pay

Make Payment With Your Credit Card

Pay4U will settle the payment

Download Now

No Hidden Fees

Service Charge

Per Transaction

Processing Fee

Per Transaction (or RM15, whichever is higher)

We Accept All Locally Issued Credit Cards




Hong Leong Bank


Public Bank

RHB Bank

UOB Bank

and many more...

We Pay4U First!